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Fast media sentiment covering all tradable cryptocurrencies

  • in a user friendly web app for desktop and mobile
  • as a low latency, machine-readable datafeed

Media Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence driven 24×7 media monitoring

Live Insights

Global CryptoCoin media sentiment in real time.

Machine Readable

Low latency API for machine to machine communication.

Stellar Based

Unsurpassed speed  and virtually no transaction costs.

What is CCINT?

CCINT stands for the authoritative source of cryptocurrency media intelligence. CCINT are utility tokens required to gain access to a range of data feeds of the lowest possible latency containing the current media sentiment of ultimately all tradable cryptocurrencies.

CCINT enables traders to automatically capture the impact of news on crypto coin portfolios and ICO initiatives. The data feeds, maintained by our advanced natural language processing, will be invaluable input signals for any active cryptocurrency trading strategy. CCINT offers:

  • Exclusive access
  • 24×7 media monitoring
  • Quantitative sentiment
  • Competitive advantage
  • Global coverage
  • Low transaction cost

"CCINT will become the Bloomberg of the Crypto economy"
Abraham Stalknecht
CEO Semlab

The CCINT product

The core product that can be obtained by spending CCINT tokens is a data feed containing a quantitative measure of the current media sentiment concerning individual crypto currencies. 

The data feed is automatically compiled by continuously monitoring public news sources using state-of-the-art natural language processing technology. Any news message expressing sentiment values regarding a crypto currency is detected and classified to determine its most probable impact. The impact is expressed as a quantitative value on a 10 point scale. This allows CCINT to deliver the following products:

  • Desktop application displaying comprehensive overview of crypto currency sentiment.
  • Mobile application allowing 24×7 access to media intelligence.
  • Fast data API to incorporate sentiment data into (algo) trade strategies.

Automated due diligence: In addition to the media sentiment data, the CCINT data stream will also contain essential information about crypto currency initial coin offering (ICO) announcements.

The language technology supporting the CCINT data proposition is capable of detecting a wide range of aspects in ICO whitepaper documents. The data will be extracted from the whitepaper and converted into machine readable content. This enables our users to filter the the continuously growing number of ICOs according to their own criteria. And since the extracted data will be automatically normalised and formatted, upcoming ICOs are easily compared to identify the most promising investment. For example, the set of attributes extracted from the ICO whitepaper will contain (among others):

  • Start date, duration and token pricing details (presale, main sale)
  • Founders name and contact details (time to launch)
  • Product type and maturity, Market sector
  • Token type (equity, utility) and Technology base (ERC 20, Stellar etc.)
  • Management team and Advisors (seniority, experience, country of origin)

CCINT Tokens

CCINT token distribution

  • Bounty
  • Partners
  • Team
  • Reserve
  • Crowdsale

CCINT tokens are offered to the potential users through an ICO event starting on October 1st 2018. CCINT are utility tokens, to be used to exchange for access to the CCINT crypto coin datastream. Following the ICO , tokens can be traded at the Stellar exchange. 

The CCINT token economy is illustrated by the image below. After the ICO all tokens are distributed. The operation of the CCINT data feed involves the following stakeholders:


To date NLP, sentiment analysis and data sourcing systems operational, Experienced development team in place
January 2018
March 2018 White Paper released
March 2018
Q1 CCINT ICO crowdsale start
October 2018
Q1 CCINT token crowdsale finalised
November 2018
Q2 Beta feed released (free public only), Alpha version of webclient internal released
December 2018
Q2 Decentralized auction live, Feed v1.0 released, Beta version of web client live, Alpha version of mobile application and API
March 2019
Q3 Feed expanded, Web application and data API v1.0, Beta version of mobile application
June 2019
Q4 Mobile app live, Full coverage all available coins and major languages
January 2020


Chris Prins (Bsc.)   Blockchain expert
Trude Gentenaar (Msc.)   Artificial intelligence and NLP expert
Bas Mulders (Msc.)   Artificial intelligence and NLP expert
Guylian Pot (Bsc.)   Full stack developer
Oscar Klein Herenbrink (Bsc.) Full stack developer
Casper van Houten (Bsc.)   Data scientist
Rutger van Driel (Bsc.)   Data scientist
Emma  Smitshuijzen   Community manager


The CCINT team is very experienced and committed to delivering the main value proposition of CCINT: the quantified news data feed. Over the last decade, they have proven to reliably deliver financial news to multiple demanding customers. The expansion into crypto currency assets is a logical  next step.

AdvisorsCCINT is currently completing its advisory team.

The Advisory team consist of experts in the field of news, institutional investment, fund management, legal services, blockchain- and ICO development. Our advisors have successfully secured ICO investments of 285 M$ and are associated with the following world recognised enterprises:

Bounty program

CCINT offers a stake based bounty to persons that help us spread information about CCINT. The bounty will be assigned in according to the criteria explained in our bounty program and paid in CCINT tokens.

The bounty program is intended to elicit support for participating in marketing and expert discussion forums. Also the contribution of opinion leaders is appreciated and we intend to  participate in selected publications that specialise in Cryptocurrency and blockchain tokens.  The exact distribution of CCINT tokens for the marketing campaign is managed by the ICO organisers and adjusted regularly, but under no circumstances will it increase beyond 5% of the total issued CCINT.

Type max stake
Freeform 100
Steemit 40
Reddit 25
Twitter 16
LinkedIn 16
Medium 16
Youtube 16
Bitcoin blogs 16
Facebook 16

Initial Coin Offering

Price: 1 ETH = 2500 CCINT
Mincap: $1 million USD
Platform: Stellar

Payment Methods

The CCINT token is based on the Stellar network and tradable on the Stellar decentralized exchange. Detailed information on how to acquire the CCINT token during the ICO will be disclosed to whitelist members only.